Against Our Liberal-Ivy Ruling Class

There’s an important Angelo Codevilla essay in Forbes : As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned .  Not sure if I agree of his analysis of the Republican Party, which is obviously the main point of the essay, but I do agree with . . . . Continue Reading »

Remi Brague: The North American Tour 2012

Remi Brague is no stranger to PomoCon and First Things readers. So it goes with saying that he is one of the most brilliant and knowledgeable thinkers and writers living today. His immense erudition, his intense study, and his mastery of Greek philosophy, as well as medieval Islamic, Jewish, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Ted Cruz and Good News

This evening I was at a local Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner. The keynote speaker was Ted Cruz. He was good. He was really good. The essence of his message was hope and good news. I’d say his message was about hope and change, but I think that phrase has been taken and tarnished. That . . . . Continue Reading »

Random Thoughts on Obama

1. So the sequester was the Obama team’s idea and, if the sequester actually happens, a plurality of the public is going to blame the Republicans. 2. Sequester, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling. Do any of these terms have any meaning to the average person? 3. Obama got a bunch of tax increases with the . . . . Continue Reading »

I Live in the Coke Capital of America

Ever wonder why I’m not a PORCHER or am soft on TACO BELL and WAFFLE HOUSE. It could be because ME and my people are ADDICTED TO COKE. The NYT reports : In an effort to control as much market share as possible, Coke extended its aggressive marketing to especially poor or vulnerable areas of . . . . Continue Reading »

Why the Rise in Executive Pay?

Responding to my earlier post , Greg Forster writes : The number of people in the world who are capable of doing a good job running Apple or Exxon or Wal-Mart is extremely small; the consequences of those companies being poorly run would be catastrophic for millions of people; therefore the . . . . Continue Reading »