Getting Married Young: A Good Idea

A few days ago, Karen Swallow Prior posted “The Case for Getting Married Young” over at the Atlantic . She notes the recent trend in which young people increasingly postpone marriage, and she mentions some of the consequences that have come from this shift. Delaying marriage can . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 3.25.13

Scam Cell Lloyd Billingsley, City Journal Is, Ought, Can Brandon, Siris The Left Bank in the Vieux Carré Charles Jeanfreau, University Bookman Living Well in Ordinary Time Stanley Hauerwas, ABC Religion & Ethics A Tale of Two Popes Carl Trueman, Reformation21 . . . . Continue Reading »

Mattie as Modern Woman

So I’m sad and lonely in not being able to join our Carl, our Ralph, and two semi-modern women in LA this week. So I thought I’d post the conclusion to my TRUE GRIT study as compensation: We have to think hard about Mattie as a modern woman: She’s all about lawfulness, mathematical . . . . Continue Reading »

Christian Influence on Islam

I posted recently  about the network of small states that existed between the Roman and Persian empires, the two superpowers of Late Antiquity. Most of these buffer states are of little interest to non-specialists, but two of those middling powers in particular demand our attention for what . . . . Continue Reading »

The Coen Brothers’ TRUE GRIT and the Western

This week I am appropriately traveling to Hollywood, a town that owes its fortune to the Western more than to any other genre, for the Western Political Science Association meeting, where I will be presenting a paper titled “Cowboys and Corpses: The Moral Perils of the State of Nature in the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Politics Of Suicide

Here is a report that describes (among other things) the declining wages of lower-skilled males.  It should haunt you for a little while.  Here is the Wall Street Journal praising hero-of-the-moment Rand Paul’s proposal for an expanded guest worker program.   Paul is also in . . . . Continue Reading »