I’ll have thoughts at length later,

1. It gets right that winning over a greater share of nonwhites is a years-long project rather than something that can be done in an election season. Minds change, but they change slowly and people have to hear from you a lot before they will trust you enough to listen effectively. But then you need to have something to say . . .

2. The report way, way overstates the importance of amnesty as compared to economic issues as a problem for Republicans among nonwhites. The report understates the economic policy-related political problems of Republicans generally. As Ramesh Ponnuru and Reihan Salam pointed out, it isn’t the job of the Republican National Committee to offer specific policy proposals (though they didn’t let that stop them from urging amnesty), the exaggeration of amnesty and the studied avoidance of public perceptions of Republicans on economic policy paints a deeply misleading picture of our situation.

3. I’m all for recruiting more nonwhites into the ranks of the GOP leadership, but that, in itself, doesn’t get you anywhere. If every Republican spokesman in the country were nonwhite, it would not help the Republicans if all the spokesmen did was repeat the same old “cut tax taxes for the high earner job creators who built that” stuff.

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