This is just my two cents on the pop culture scene. I am guilty of not watching television and being routinely clueless about the pop culture scene. Here, I lurk in wonder at who the hell has time to watch TV programs regularly.  What I will do is catch up with some show friends rave about.   That happens if I have a bad case of the flu or during housecleaning bouts when my hands are busy but my eyes and mind are mostly free.  Then I’ll get a whole series on DVD from the local library and watch right through, or all too often stop watching and wonder what on earth my friends saw in that program.

Today, here , there and all over the Internet, I see that The History Channel series, ” The Bible ” has somewhere between 10-13 million viewers per installment.  I also see theological arguments over the content, but if the Church at large were not so arguing, we would have to assume it was dead and the good news for modern Christianity is that, apparently, interest in the Bible is not dead.





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