At the CLR Forum site, Italian law and religion scholar Pasquale Annicchino (European University Institute) writes about the attention the Italian media is giving American cardinals in the run-up to the papal conclave. In Rome, he writes, cardinals like New York’s Timothy Dolan represent the “American model” of church-state relations, which, unlike its European counterparts, allows religious voices to be heard in the public sphere:

Today, the real challenge for the Catholic Church, especially according to many European cardinals, is religious indifference and the coming of a post-Christian world represented by a new type of man: the  homo indifferens . As a result, the American experience, which represents, in many accounts, a hopeful and affirming Catholicism,  is seen as a success story in Rome. This does not mean that in a few days we will have an American Pope. But  I’m sure, like it or not, that the “American model” will matter in discussions on the future of the Church.

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