Pete Spiliakos suggests a new agenda for right-leaning super PACs :

Explain how conservative ideas could work to cut taxes on working families while encouraging investment. Explain the radicalism of the Democratic party’s abortion agenda, defend the humanity of the late-term fetus, and lay out a series of incremental policy changes. Explain how alternative health care policies could increase workers’ take-home pay while maintaining their families’ health security.

Also today, David G. Bonagura Jr. reviews Fr. Thomas Kocik’s The Fullness of Truth :
Kocik succinctly and lucidly presents the core elements of the religious movements of the East (Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism), non-Christian monotheism (Judaism and Islam), Orthodox Christianity, and over a dozen Protestant denominations. After briefly surveying the history and theology of each, he carefully identifies both the signs that point to Christ and the inherent roadblocks to the truth.

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