On the Square Today

Elizabeth Scalia on the idea of American Catholicism : Russell Shaw argues that the present struggles of the Church to be who she is amid governmental mandates and the ascendant “state religion” of secular humanism are the legacy of Baltimore’s Cardinal James Gibbons and other early . . . . Continue Reading »

On Reading Richard Giannone

In his memoir Hidden: Reflections on Gay Life, AIDS, and Spiritual Desire , Richard Giannone, emeritus professor at Fordham, writes about his mother’s slow decline and his care for her in her final days. Central to the story is Giannone’s long-time partner Frank. After Giannone’s . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 4.23.13

The Anecdotal Way to Santiago de Compostela David L. Simon, Medievalists.net Fakes and Ale Norma Clarke, Times Literary Supplement The Evidentialist Terrell Clemmons, Salvo New Schoolers, Neo-Calvinists, and Fundamentalists D. G. Hart, Old Life Can a Religious Believer Be a Serious Journalist? . . . . Continue Reading »

Global Capitalism Has Won!

So says Rusty Reno . Compare today with 1980! Those who still fear socialism (or, I would add, even progressivism) just haven’t being paying attention. Sure, there’s ObamaCare. But it’s only a relatively small part of a big picture. Unlike our friends the Porchers, Rusty realizes . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

R. R. Reno on the triumph and the downsides of capitalism : The history of modern politics shows again and again that we can exercise political power to ameliorate and mitigate the social consequences of free market capitalism. This can only be done by limiting its powering motor, which is economic . . . . Continue Reading »