First Links — 4.22.13

How to See Like a State Brian Dijkema, Comment Impassible and Impassioned Jeremy Kimble, Gospel Coalition The Roots of Our Friendship Crisis Jake Meador, Fare Forward Seventy Years After the Warsaw Ghetto Adam Garfinkle, American Interest Asking Why on Marathon Day Angela Franks, Boston Pilot . . . . Continue Reading »

Egypt’s Copts and Persecution

At an academic conference a while ago, I made an offhand reference to the contemporary persecution of Christians. My remark was greeted with some incredulity, even derision. There are, one scholar responded sarcastically, something like two billion Christians in the world today. “Next . . . . Continue Reading »

Bombers, COEXISTence and Immigration Reform

It is hard to imagine that the incident in Boston will not have an effect on the immigration reform debate in America.  All speculations about who the bombers could be, Caucasian, Muslim jihadist, American citizen, foreign born, all seem to be true; all of these possibilities assimilate in the . . . . Continue Reading »

What Lu Lingzi Saw in America

One of the persons the Boston Marathon bombers murdered was Lu Lingzi, a Boston University graduate student from China. From Shenyang, where her parents now mourn the loss of their only child. So far there are two other murder victims, a child named Martin Richard, and the young woman Krystle . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Square Today

Micah Mattix analyzes the line “ She sang beyond the genius of the sea ”: Wallace Stevens was preoccupied with the sound of poetry, evident in part in the alliteration and assonance of this week’s line from “The Idea of Order at Key West.” In his 1936 essay “The . . . . Continue Reading »