The Pro Ecclesia Annual Conference for Clergy and Laity sponsored by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology presents

“Heaven, Hell, . . .  and Purgatory?”
June 10, 2013, 7 p.m. - June 12, 2013, noon
Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland

About the Center from the February ” While We’re At It “:
. . . to be commended is the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology. “Central to the Center,” writes the director, Michael Root of the Catholic University of America (and  First Things  writer ), “has always been a commitment to a ‘thick’ ecumenism, an ecumenical outlook based on the conviction that common reflection on the basis of the great christological and trinitarian tradition the churches share should be at the heart of ecumenism.”

The center—founded by the Lutheran patriarchs Robert Jenson and Carl Braaten in 1991—rejects both “a reduction to a lowest common denominator or a retreat into an ‘enclave theology,’ concerned only with its own confessional standards. Interesting theology, theology that serves both the Church and the Christian life, comes out of such an encounter with the density of the tradition. At a time when ecumenism is lagging, a commitment to the fundamental theological work is essential.”

The center publishes the very good journal  Pro Ecclesia  (for which the editor has written) and a new book series called Pro Ecclesia Books, the first volume of which is  The Morally Divided Body: Ethical Disagreement and the Disunity of the Church .

Among the speakers will be Paul Griffiths, Ralph Wood, and David Yeago.

More information here .

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