So the blog is dead, says THE NEW REPUBLIC , ANDREW SULLIVAN, etc.

Spontaneous emanations have moved mainly, of course, to TWITTER.

And so many blogs are now really magazines or daily journals or whatever—see LAW AND LIBERTY, THE IMAGINATIVE CONSERVATIVE, MINDING THE CAMPUS, PHILANTHROPY DAILY, most of BIG THINK etc. And I’m just mentioning the ones I deal with. The difference between the BLOG and the MAGAZINE is withering away as everything goes online and publications can incorporate characteristics of both. Is this good or bad? Well, it’s both good and bad.

Having said all this, those who are “in it for the fun” still blog in the classic sense. It remains a distinctive and potentially perennial form of art that will survive as the print media collapses.

But the brand “BLOG” might well be in its final days. Please let me know what the new brand should be.

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