Two Generations on Gay Marriage

Joseph Bottum has  walked back  the most controversial assertions of his barnburner Commonweal  essay on gay marriage. For this, I’m glad: Several of them were unsupportable. Yet the essay was never about any point of fact so much as it was about a certain mood: one of surprise . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 8.27.13

A New Catholic-Lutheran Document Charlotte Hays, National Catholic Register The Shape of Rome Ex Urbe Against the Senseless Destruction of Churches Anthony Esolen, Crisis Fathers, Sons, and Chief Rabbis Yehuda Mirsky, Jewish Review of Books Quest for Ethical Stem Cells Prompts Moral Questions . . . . Continue Reading »

Technology, Biotechnology, and Democracy

So here is a draft of my seminar this fall. I’ve spent a lot of time cutting it back and giving it some (limited) focus. Let me know what you think. The italics disappeared with the cutting and pasting. Imagine it is there. 1. Introduction and Overview 2. Does (and Need) Technology Make Us . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Thoughts On Breaking Bad

So I’m really getting into Breaking Bad from the start. It is the show about a brilliant chemist turned failed entrepreneur, turned high school teacher, turned drug lord. Walter White has a disabled (and sweet) son, his wife is pregnant with an unexpected baby.  He turns fifty and finds . . . . Continue Reading »

Marital Elitism

In today’s On the Square , R.R. Reno argues that the fight over gay marriage is another aspect of the war on the weak: The first thing to say is that the gay rights movement has been largely an upper middle class project. Thurgood Marshall attended Lincoln University, an all-black college in . . . . Continue Reading »

The Return of the Squish

The debate over “In Christ Alone” rages on, as Timothy George returns to take on the some of the counter-arguments in today’s On the Square : There are many evangelical hymns, of course, that suffer in both content and musicality. But “In Christ Alone” is not one of . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 8.26.13

A Plot Against Living: J.F. Powers’s ‘Suitable Accommodations’ D. G. Myers, Daily Beast From the Abundance of the Heart Alan Jacobs, Medium A Coptic Monument to Survival, Destroyed Samuel Tadros, Wall Street Journal The U.S.’s Lagging Commitment to Religious Freedom Robert P. . . . . Continue Reading »