Breaking Bad’s Disappointing Finale

The finale was a very entertaining and sometimes moving disappointment - though a disappointment by the extremely high standards of the show. There were many things to like (spoiler alert, of course). The reptile part of my brain enjoyed watching Jesse choke the life out of Todd. It was even better . . . . Continue Reading »

Developments in Ireland

In today’s On the Square , James D. Conley is also interested in moral courage: Increasingly, Catholics are told that if they cannot conform to secular morality, they should leave the secular sphere. That Catholic hospitals must compromise, or be exiled. But we cannot abandon our flocks. Like . . . . Continue Reading »

The Ugliness of Gambling

I’m on the Council on Casinos. a group sponsored by the Institute for American Values. Our purpose is to fight the spread of gambling in America. See our report, Why Casinos Matter .  As David Mills noted earlier,  the Institute’s director, David Blankenhorn, has penned a . . . . Continue Reading »

They Don’t Cut Ribbons for Casinos

“Political leaders do not want to give a speech, cut a ribbon, or pose for photographs at the opening of a casino,” David Blankenhorn points out in a new and damning study ,  New York’s Promise: Why Sponsoring Casinos Is a Regressive Policy Unworthy of a . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 9.30.13

Art, Money, and J. F. Powers Gerald J. Russello, New Criterion “We Have Only This Life to Live” Santiago Ramos, American Reader The Top Ten Medieval Pretenders Pope Francis Is Not Embracing Liberation Theology Peter Berger, American Interest Dave Eggers, Arcade Fire, . . . . Continue Reading »

Saving the Humanities and Health Care

HERE are seven opinions, including mine. Ken Masugi reports on another channel that he saw his first and last BREAKING BAD tonight. His comment: “Did I laugh in the wrong places?” I’m afraid I have the same question. I just haven’t been able to lose myself in the show. More . . . . Continue Reading »

Random Thoughts On Our Political Situation

1. I have no idea how the continuing resolution/defund Obamacare/delay Obamacare maneuvering are going to play out. 2. President Obama just isn’t that popular. He is closer to unpopular. His RCP job approval average is down to 43.5% even though the economy continues to grow slowly and the . . . . Continue Reading »