Mahatma Gandhi on Sex and Marriage

Every now and then, folks on the left who regard Mahatma Gandhi as a hero and a kind of saint, stumble on to his writings about sexual morality and marriage. They are stunned to discover that their hero was a ferocious critic of the relaxation of traditional norms of sexual ethics, even going as . . . . Continue Reading »

Laguerta: Harsh Words for the LCWR

In your other Labor Day On the Square , Sandra Laguerta takes the LCWR to task for their “confused ecclesiology” and “unsettling misunderstanding” of Catholic teaching: There is noting unsatisfying about the council documents’ description of the laity, religious, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Syria and Domestic Politics

I continue to be troubled by the President’s approach to military strikes against Syria. He speaks of making sure the chemical attacks in Syria are properly “punished.” This way of talking is morally sloppy. Yes, people can be punished, and should be when they do wicked things. . . . . Continue Reading »