Bad People and Private Schools

Allison Benedikt could perhaps stand to take a few lessons from Mark Twain or Will Rogers, because her obviously satirical article in Slate has elicited a number of angry responses from readers who have taken her seriously. Here’s the article at issue: ” If You Send Your Kid to Private . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 9.3.13

Vonnegut and Labor Day Matthew Gannon & Wilson Taylor, Jacobin Clive James’ Dull Dante Ian Thomson, Financial Times The Dark Dove with the Flickering Tongue Matthew J. Milliner & Brett Foster, Books & Culture The Case for Christian Realism Stanley Hauerwas, ABC Religion & . . . . Continue Reading »

Mahatma Gandhi on Sex and Marriage

Every now and then, folks on the left who regard Mahatma Gandhi as a hero and a kind of saint, stumble on to his writings about sexual morality and marriage. They are stunned to discover that their hero was a ferocious critic of the relaxation of traditional norms of sexual ethics, even going as . . . . Continue Reading »

Laguerta: Harsh Words for the LCWR

In your other Labor Day On the Square , Sandra Laguerta takes the LCWR to task for their “confused ecclesiology” and “unsettling misunderstanding” of Catholic teaching: There is noting unsatisfying about the council documents’ description of the laity, religious, and . . . . Continue Reading »