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Ken Masugi reports on another channel that he saw his first and last BREAKING BAD tonight. His comment: “Did I laugh in the wrong places?” I’m afraid I have the same question. I just haven’t been able to lose myself in the show.

More than ever, I sure wish the Republicans, beginning with the candidate for president, had spent each and every day of the 2012 campaign explaining to Americans why ObamaCare would be a disaster if actually implemented. Because they didn’t do THAT, a majority of Americans are pretty clueless on what they’re trying to do now. Because they didn’t do THAT, the election didn’t turn on ObamaCare one way or the other, with most Americans not voting on it or even being opposed to it on election day. The result was the Republicans lost their 2010 anti-ObamaCare mandate in that election. Pete is right that Cruz is pretty much preaching to the converted, or not a majority of the voters. The preaching, in my opinion, shouldn’t be about give me liberty or shut down the government, but the darn thing is just unworkable, a wrecking ball. It’s tough to say ObamaCare—especially the MANDATE—is unconstitutional, given that the Supreme Court has said otherwise and the Republicans didn’t raise hell when that decision was rendered. The big point is that ObamaCare is a mess that will screw people’s lives up. Constitutional laws can do that too.

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