Russell E. Saltzman dreams of Nixon (with the light brown hair), in today’s On the Square . They attended the Erasmus lecture together:

The dinner matched the luncheon sandwich buffet served to the Erasmus symposium group the next day, including that marvelous squash soup. I had two bowls of that. I asked if I could get the recipe, but nobody was giving that away. Oh, that wasn’t the dream; that was real. But, dreamwise, Nixon and I bumped elbows at the buffet and fell into a warm, friendly conversation. We shared the same table until he was called to the podium.

Read the rest here . Coincidentally, today is the anniversary of the first ever televised Presidential debate in the United States; a debate that featured Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. (John F. Kennedy does not appear in Saltzman’s dream.)

Presidents never talk to me. Not even in my dreams.

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