It’s Friday ! Here’s your weekend reading list:

At Postmodern Conservative : why conservatives need new words (well, new old words); a discussion of Yuval Levin’s take on the ACA exchanges, and some highlights from the American Conservative ‘s piece on Marilynne Robinson.

Maureen Mullarkey writes on Roger de la Fresnaye, ” neglected knight .” Here she is speaking on his painting, The Conquest of the Air :

The painting’s narrative—or literary—impulse has undeniable historic interest. But the splendor of it has nothing at all to do with subject matter that might constitute an essay. The splendor is all in the paint. Conquest of the Air is an astonishing act of painting. When it was on permanent view at the Modern, painters of all stripes stopped in to “make a visit,” as Catholics used to do when passing a church.

Peter Leithart , still read-read-reading along, has a post on moderns and another post on the Trinity .

Here at First Thoughts , Matthew Schmitz has a post on a horrifying abortion in China, while David Mills provides some writing guidance .

Continuing on in the line of posts about animals ( don’t eat dogs and respect your meat), Wesley J. Smith defends animal testing. And Gerald R. McDermott writes on evangelical liberalism.

We’ll see you Monday! Have a good weekend and a good rest of your day. And if you liked the American Conservative’ s piece on Marilynne Robinson, there’s no time like the present to check out her work . (I just finished Home and The Death of Adam and highly recommend them both.)

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