James , thanks for investing the effort to so thoroughly debunk the latest nonsense from Jim Wallis. But in addition to substituting ideology for theology, Wallis is also practicing a breathtaking hypocrisy. For years, Wallis has been sanctimoniously denouncing his opponents for their failures of “civility” and demanding a return to “civility.” (See for example here  and here ; this is also a theme in his books.) Then he turns around and demonizes his opponents, describing them as extremists who oppose even the most basic foundations of human civilization— hostes humani generis , if you will. Alas, this is not his first offense .

When he’s doing his civility shuffle, Wallis likes to quote “blessed are the peacemakers.” As C. S. Lewis remarked about a person not much different from Wallis: “The real pacificus is he who promotes peace, not he who gasses about it.”

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