An Easy Case

Often, in my class on law and religion at St. John’s, we address difficult questions about where to draw the line on religious autonomy. How far should the state go in accommodating religious practices that conflict with state rules? Or, put in reverse, how much freedom from state control can . . . . Continue Reading »

Christians in Israel Complain of Mistreatment

The Washington Post has a story this week about vandalism at a Protestant cemetery in Jerusalem. The vandals toppled stone crosses from graves and smashed them to pieces. The incident is the latest in a string of recent attacks on Christian sites in Israel: The attack joins a list of high-profile . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.11.13

The Funeral-Industrial Complex Jessica Mitford, Lapham’s Quarterly Simplicity Without Iconoclasm Duncan Stroik, Sacred Architecture Can We Get Our Heads Around Consciousness? Michael Hanlon, Aeon CGI Apocalypse: The Veiling of Nature Stratford Caldecott, Imaginative Conservative What . . . . Continue Reading »

The Specificities of Friendship

In a comment on my last post , Karen K wrote, I wonder if your book will be exploring the practical aspects too? What I see is difficulty in people knowing how to form these kinds of deep friendships. So many lonely people walking around and we can’t seem to break through the barriers to . . . . Continue Reading »

What Would Have Saved Savita

  A report published this week by the Irish Health Information and Quality Authority into the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, the woman who died while seventeen weeks pregnant in an Irish hospital, has determined that she failed to receive the most basic of care and that numerous . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Liberty Narrative

First off, I direct you to the threads for lots of good stuff—including very complicated and smart musings by Escoffier on just how strange Mansfield’s interpretation of Machiavelli is, together with a Big Mach numerology puzzler (for those who care about such stuff). Other news: The . . . . Continue Reading »