Is Fatalism Funny?

First off, who would have guessed that—to judge by the ratings—the most interesting issue ever raised by POSTMODERN CONSERVATIVES is the TV replacement for George Will? Not only that, the founder of the POSTMODERN CONSERVATIVE blog—JAMES POULOS—has emerged as the candidate . . . . Continue Reading »

Rant on Obamacare

So I have no answers about the current stupid shutdown, but these are my thoughts on Obamacare. The bill that the Congress didn’t know the details of what was in it was signed and made law by the President whose Health and Human Services and Internal Revenue Service as a consequence of such . . . . Continue Reading »

American Liberty #4: Morning No Longer

Note: I wrote the heart of this several months ago, and the current federal shut-down has nothing to do with my presenting it now. Obama’s re-election , the overall character of today’s Democratic Party , and my own creepy premonitions are the “current events” that prompted it. . . . . Continue Reading »

Virtue and (or?) Happiness

My old friend Charles Krauthammer, with whom I served on the President’s Council on Bioethics in the Bush years, is someone with whom I more often agree than disagree. But here is a recent exchange on which we part ways on some pretty basic ideas about political theory. I should note that both of . . . . Continue Reading »

Replacing George Will At ABC

 While I appreciate Peter Lawler’s suggestion, I’m taking myself out of the running. The sight of me on the television screen does not go well with breakfast. Based on my Facebook feed, the two top candidates would be Mark Steyn and Ross Douthat. You would have something really great if . . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: The Nothing Noths

Happy Friday! Here’s what we’ve been talking about today . . . . At Postmodern Conservative : Deneen and the Tea Party are basically anti-Federalists , Republicans are ignoring Yuval Levin, and George Will is being replaced . Maureen Mullarkey  says modern art ain’t  bosh . If you . . . . Continue Reading »

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Dogs

Recently, fellow junior fellow Tristyn K. Bloom got into an argument on Twitter about eating dogs. She is pro-equality, as I understand it: we eat non-humans, dogs are not-human, therefore, it is not wrong to eat a dog. QED. Go forth ye and eat a dog. It’s a position many people . . . . Continue Reading »

Who Will Replace (George) Will?

Because I lack the competence (unlike Pete) to do a serious commentary on the current crisis or crises, I thought I’d address the big issue of the (token conservative) replacement for George Will on ABC. Here are nine possible candidates. It goes without saying that if you want a multifaceted . . . . Continue Reading »