First Links — 10.4.13

Council of Europe: Circumcision a “Violation” Brendan O’Neill, Telegraph Machiavelli’s Enterprise Harvey Mansfield, New Criterion Refining Sen. Lee’s Tax Proposal Anna Sutherland,  Family Scholars Remi Brague Strikes Again Richard Reinsch,  Library of Law . . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: A Very Peter Leithart Thursday

Pretty quiet day today, but here’s what we have. At Postmodern Conservative , PETER LAWLER still thinks the government shutdown is dumb , in a blog post that is sadly CAPS -less. Over at Peter Leithart’s blog, Leithart is writing about Byron , the Bible , and book biographies . Finally, . . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Prostitute Yourself, Miss Cyrus

Sinead O’Connor offers an argument for what is effectively chastity in the way young women present themselves in public, and in particular in relation to the way one misguided young woman, Miley Cyrus, presents herself in public. In an open letter prompted by Cyrus’s claim that one of . . . . Continue Reading »

… It’s Also Uncivil

James , thanks for investing the effort to so thoroughly debunk the latest nonsense from Jim Wallis. But in addition to substituting ideology for theology, Wallis is also practicing a breathtaking hypocrisy. For years, Wallis has been sanctimoniously denouncing his opponents for their failures of . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s Not Theology, It’s Ideology

Jim Wallis, editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine, posted this YouTube video criticizing the shutdown of non-essential parts of the U.S. national government as “unbiblical.” Wallis’s argument is three-fold. First, he posits the factual claim that the government of the United States . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.3.13

The Case Against the Global Novel Pankaj Mishra, Financial Times How America’s Marriage Crisis Makes Income Inequality Worse Derek Thompson, Atlantic Cities Two Nations, Under Mammon Patrick J. Deneen, American Conservative Giving Your Money to Drug Addicts Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic Morality . . . . Continue Reading »