Yuval on the Teaching Method of Cruz

So Yuval agrees with me that the Republicans, at present, don’t have the MANDATE to stop Obamacare, especially through stopping the government. Here are his most controversial words, in my opinion. I present them for your consideration: The shutdown itself is not a catastrophe, though it . . . . Continue Reading »

Notes On Peter Beinart And Young Voters

I think Beinart’s article should be read in light of this College Republican report on the attitudes of young voters.  Young voters are more ideologically ambivalent than Beinart lets on. A larger fraction of young voters have “conservative” positions on major issues than . . . . Continue Reading »

The Strong Arm of Justice

John D. Carlson talks about just war in today’s On the Square ; a just war, he argues, is not separate from the idea of punishment: The United States and many other nations have forgotten if not deliberately abandoned the idea of using military force to punish—just as Americans and many . . . . Continue Reading »

Consider the Calvinists, What They Know

Calvinists get a bad rap, but how many of the critics really understand him? James R. Rogers points out how few of us read the Institutes or bother to think seriously about Calvin in today’s On the Square . Instead, we rely on easy stereotypes: Some of the answer certainly derives from . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.1.13

Germain Grisez on Pope Francis’ Interview Patrick Brennan, Mirror of Justice The Barbarism of Reason John Gray, New Statesman The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics Kevin Mulligan, Times Literary Supplement Legislative Prayer and Judicial Review Rick Garnett, SCOTUS Blog Marxists in Queens Buzz . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real Issue?

So to advance the “conversation,” sometime we have to move a comment from the thread to separate post. That’s most likely to happen when someone agrees with ME. Listen to the wisdom of djf: Unfortunately, instead of painting a picture for ordinary voters of what’s going to . . . . Continue Reading »