Reading From Left to Right

Part of this morning’s reading is Charles Krauthammer’s ” Moving from Left to Right ” about his political conversion, from his book, Things That Matter.  Therein, he tells the story of how his mind changed from when he was young and part of the Democratic party and . . . . Continue Reading »

Looking For The Right’s Best Synthesis

 Matthew Continetti has a terrific column about how the Center for American Progress was able to connect liberal fundraisers, grassroots activists, intellectuals and Democratic politicians to move the Democratic party and the political culture to the left. By 2008, even though the various . . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: Adventures in Orthodoxy

It’s Friday! This week is going by awfully fast. Just yesterday, it seemed to be Wednesday . . . . At Postmodern Conservative , John Presnall defends himself . (Quoth Presnall: “Whenever someone you don’t really know tells you that you must not do such and such, it often provokes a . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.25.13

What Marx Thought David Pederson, Ethika Politika “I Quit Academia”: A Growing Subgenre of Essay Rebecca Schuman,  Slate The Civic Solution to the Privacy Problem Evgeny Morozov, MIT Technology Review Mere Christianity and the Creeds James Chastek, Just Thomism Aimless Love . . . . Continue Reading »

The Foundations’ Wicked Past

The old newspaper clipping shows two families, one descended from a white man and a black woman and the other descended from two white people, with the text, “Interesting researches by the Carnegie Institute disprove the popular notion that a ‘pass-for-white’ person married to a . . . . Continue Reading »

Woe Betide the Lefty?

As a fellow left-handed person, I cannot subscribe to Russell Saltzman’s lament in his “On the Square” essay today. I don’t really know anything about the comparative life expectancy (or accident-proneness) of lefties and righties. But I do know that whenever I am in a . . . . Continue Reading »