First Links — 10.24.13

Teaching China’s Anglophiles Eliza Filby, Standpoint The Devil You Know: Why Readers Love ‘Screwtape’ Casey N. Cep, New Yorker When a Child Is a Second Chance Eve Tushnet, Acculturated Three Books on Evangelicals and Intellectuals Marvin Olasky, World Intellectual Courage and the . . . . Continue Reading »

Core Competencies Does Not Mean a Diary

Whenever someone you don’t really know tells you that you must not do such and such, it often provokes a desire to do that very same such and such. It’s like an itch on a random body-spot that must needs scratching. You try to overcome such a base urge, but scratching it is only solution . . . . Continue Reading »

Xenophon on the Website Roll-out

Since some of our writers have been taking up the great theme related to the “end of history,” it might be foolish to think that any of the details in the news over the past few weeks—the government shutdown, the debt crisis crisis, the Obama care website—have any lasting . . . . Continue Reading »

Meanwhile, Back in the Good Ol’ USA…

Everything is just peachy-keen: Yeah, that’s one of the ads Colorado Democrats, oh, I’m so sorry, Colorado bureaucrats , are using to peddle Obamacare sign-ups.  H/T Ricochet—their post, Idiocracy Has Arrived , has a link to the official website if you can stomach it. No, . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.23.13

Unusable Words Brad Leithauser, New Yorker John Gray and the Politics of Grace Will McDavid, Mockingbird Evangelical Leader Preaches Pullback Neil King Jr.,  Wall Street Journal Why Is Faith Not a Work? Matthew Barrett, Gospel Coalition Journalists: Please Look Up ‘Fetus’ Terry . . . . Continue Reading »

The Japanese and the End of History

Well, I agree with Carl that the data in the study about the Japanese aversion to sex is suspect. On the other hand: What I say doesn’t really depend on the data so much. The phrase “celibacy syndrome” is the translation of a malady that was identified by the Japanese media, not . . . . Continue Reading »