“Yuko and Hiro” Do Not Despise Sex

With respect to Peter’s latest Big Think, a warning, and a push-back. There are a number of hard-to-figure things about the Japanese, and perhaps, building on top of distinctive cultural traits regarding sex and love that go way back, the 21st century Japanese really have become erotically . . . . Continue Reading »

Martha, Martha

Martha Stewart is not happy with the blogosphere. Last week, in an interview with Bloomberg News she griped  Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. I mean, there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good, . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.22.13

The History of Secrets S. Lochlann Jain, Public Books Oakeshott on Rome and America Elizabeth Corey, Library of Law & Liberty Christianity Is Not Going Away Mark Tooley, Washington Post Cavemen in Condos Rob Moll, Books & Culture Latest Real Jesus Shakes Christianity to Its Very . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Debt to the Future Generation

Carl Scott writes about the WSJ Weekend Interview with Stanley Druckenmiller, ” in ” Pay No Attention to that Baby-Boomer behind the Curtain !”  I was going to write about that piece in simpler terms.   Redistribution does not really go from rich to poor, but from . . . . Continue Reading »

“Federal Takeover of Catholic Education”

That’s the headline of Anne Hendershott’s must-read piece in Crisis magazine on how Catholic schools across the country are overturning their curricula in the name of obedience to the Common Core initiative, which is nominally state-led but whose contents are effectively controlled by . . . . Continue Reading »


  The color was startling against the autumn shades of Northeast Ohio; there was just this nubbin of lilac on one of several lilac bushes that bloom like mad things every spring.  I had pruned the shrub to control the growth pattern back in June, so maybe that had something to do with . . . . Continue Reading »