First Links — 10.21.13

On Money Richard Lee and April Koh, Yale Logos The Warm Rain Les Murray & Andrew McCulloch, Times Literary Supplement My Dinner with Irving Wilfred M. McClay, Mosaic The Invention of the American South Nick Ripatrazone, Marginalia Why Have Young People in Japan Stopped Having Sex? Abigail . . . . Continue Reading »

Marilynne Robinson on Faith and Politics

Okay, I admit it. The American Conservative is awesome. I’ve had my issues with TAC over the years . . . . . . and likely would know of more if I still read it regularly (even if I do suspect the vitriol they fed on so eagerly during the aughties has gotten old for them by now), but when they . . . . Continue Reading »

A Tone of Restrained Panic

Yuval Levin has done some must-read reporting on the how the Obamacare exchanges are doing so far at National Review Online. Even given what you know already, it’s shocking: The tone of the CMS officials who spoke with me was a kind of restrained panic. What is the CMS? Boy, you’d better . . . . Continue Reading »