Just as I Am (and More)

That’s who the personal God must be? Here’s what Tom H says in the thread: No significant theologian in the Catholic tradition has ever thought science is sinful (Well, maybe Tertullian–but his irregular situation vis a vis the Church makes his case hardly dispositive). What is . . . . Continue Reading »

Progressives Get Behind Gambling

When New Yorkers go to the polls this November they will be asked to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize casino gambling in the state. The state’s liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo, has made the amendment central to his economic plans for upstate New York and it has been endorsed by . . . . Continue Reading »

Introducing Dr. Trueman & Mr. Barrett

I am pleased to introduce two friends who have recently joined the list of regular writers for “First Thoughts.” We are honored, touched, moved, pleased as punch, happy as clams, and tickled pink to have them. Readers of the magazine may recognize Mark Barrett, as he has been quoted . . . . Continue Reading »

The Grammar of Animals

Conservative presidential speechwriter Matthew Scully recently published an article on the topic of animal cruelty: “ Pro-Life, Pro-Animal .” Scully draws a strong line between a culture which allows massive amounts of unnecessary animal suffering and a culture which turns a blind eye to . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.16.13

Islamofatigue Brendan O’Neill, Telegraph Bohemia at the Bottom of Manhattan Fred Siegel, Weekly Standard Drowning in the Digital Abyss J. Hoberman, New York Review of Books Blog The Dynamic Unity of Conscience Nathaniel Peters, Library of Law & Liberty Kraus and Franzen Eric Banks, . . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: Maverick Pacifists from 1989

It’s Tuesday ! The sun rose, and here we are. And here these blog posts are: At Postmodern Conservative , Carl Scott reminds us that “1989 was a while ago.” Some of us were born then, Carl . . . . Peter Leithart discusses maverick Bible scholars and the slipping of Solomon . It . . . . Continue Reading »

Oakes on Hart

Our good friend Fr. Edward Oakes, S.J., with the editor and me a member of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, has written a very good review of David Hart’s The Experience of God . “One would be hard put,” he says, “to find a more thorough and a more devastating refutation . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real Reason the Humanities are Unpopular

Over on NRO, Gilbert Sewall  takes many words to say what could be said in few: Education policymakers and reformers don’t champion the humanities chiefly because, for all the noise they make about keeping us aware of our higher purposes or enriching us with the noble and beautiful, the . . . . Continue Reading »