So to advance the “conversation,” sometime we have to move a comment from the thread to separate post. That’s most likely to happen when someone agrees with ME. Listen to the wisdom of djf:

Unfortunately, instead of painting a picture for ordinary voters of what’s going to happen TO THEM as a result of this legislative monstrosity, Republican politicians immediately lapse into Reaganite/Tea Party small-government boiler plate that means nothing to, or actively repels, 60% of the electorate.

Perhaps one reason Republican politicians, consultants and functionaries can’t figure this out is that they instinctively view economic and fiscal issues from the perspective of people wealthy enough to buy their way out of disasters like Obamacare – the sort of people they meet at fundraising events.

The Constitution is not on the line, folks. This is not the last stand against the final solution being imposed on us by the evildoing progressives. The strength of the Republican position can be seen in how nervous the MSM commentators seem when trying to explain how ObamaCare is actually going to work now. Anyone can see they’re hiding stuff. The Republicans need to be loud (if not exactly proud) in outing what’s been hidden in the closet full of inconvenient details.

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