Hello! It’s Tuesday. Did you have a nice long weekend? Did you even have a long weekend? (If you are a veteran, I hope you did.)

Over at Postmodern Conservative, Carl Scott watched 12 Years a Slave (spoilers: he liked it), and has some thoughts about the film and Walker Percy. Pete Spiliakos is glad New York City has finally caught up to Texas . Peter Lawler thinks we didn’t miss him while he was gone (not true!).

Maureen Mullarkey writes on Veteran’s Day and St. Martin of Tours, patron saint of soldiers and of her .

Peter Leithart has two blog posts up on the responses to the end of Protestantism, one on how to respond and one on how not to respond. He is also still reading N.T. Wright, books on Thomas Aquinas , and he’s gearing up to watch Dr. Who . (This is just a small selection of his weekend output, so click over to see the rest yourself!)

A lot of great Dr. Boli material—two new installments of the Illustrated Edition , two new questions asked and answered , and, finally, an useful advertisement .

Here on First Thoughts , David Mills reposted a Veteran’s Day classic , Matthew J. Franck has a bone to pick with the Washington Post and the New York Times , Dale M. Coulter warns us about lying poets , and Matthew Schmitz points toward an interesting vote in the Hawaii state senate.

And On the Square today, we have William Doino’s article on Hugh O’Flaherty , Stephen H. Webb’s article on church acoustics , and James A. Hamel’s lovely tribute to veterans. (He also directed our attention to this homily he wrote from last year.)

As a final note, I’ve been very saddened to learn that John Tavener has died . I used to be very fond of the CD he recorded with Chanticleer, Lamentations & Praises .

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