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I’m not so good at making predictions.

I did predict ObamaCare wouldn’t work over the long term, but I never thought that it wouldn’t experience some initial ambiguous success.

On the True-False quiz: I’m encouraged by the large number of astute responses. I think the answer might finally be FALSE, once Romney is the candidate. Why was Romney the candidate? Because the Republican Party doesn’t exist as a deliberative unit, as it sort of did back in the good old real convention days. A convention would have chosen an experienced candidate who could have conducted a credible campaign about ObamaCare, especially after the Court decision allowed the party to seize that issue. Among the fine comments in the thread, let me privilege Jean’s thought that there’s no use looking back, and the way forward is to emphasize what ObamaCare will soon enough do to employed-based plans, including the generous or, as the president puts it, Cadillac plans that many, many Americans, such as ME, enjoy. Grab on to the LIE that’s obvious now, but go to show it’s not the only or even most important lie. Don’t think it’s my self-interest shining through here; I will limp to MEDICARE before my employer-based insurance implodes (I think). A really honest Republican would have to add that, over the long term, employer-based Cadillac plans are toast—for demographic reasons alone—anyway and have a real alternative we can believe in (as Pete has so often explained). Jean is also right that, for relational reasons alone, the Republicans have to deal with those just couldn’t get insurance prior to ObamaCare.

I only have a moment to deal with the second question. I’m tentatively thinking FALSE there too. Although I can’t predict how, I think that NATURE runs back in, after having been cast out by the libertarian/lberationist pitchfork. Marriage can be deconstructed by the Supreme Court, but I think or at least hope not in real life. There’s a lots of good stuff in the threads about the COUGAR epidemic and such that contradicts my message of hope and change.

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