At Postmodern Conservative, we have unwinnable wars, Tocqueville, climate change (of a sort), the Robert Gates memoir, depressing charts, and depressing reading.

Peter Leithart is reading about: Kierkegaard, forgetful babies, Romanticism, John Caputo, and the Reformation. He’s also still commenting on Isaiah, so you can click over there for a nice series of short reflections (starting here).

Here at First Thoughts, Ron Belgau responds to Austin Ruse, Mark Movsesian discovers that the UN is overridden by Christians (needs more Pastafarians?), Phillip Cary takes on Plato and proclaims good news, David Mills brings to our attention an obscure rite and does some math, Dale M. Coulter discusses African Pentecostalism, and Joseph Knippenberg ponders the atheist church.

On the Square, we’ve been running some remembrances of Fr. Neuhaus: “Bread Upon the Waters” by Arthur Simon and “Evening Prayer” by Robert Louis Wilken. We’ve also got our regular columns, with George Weigel writing about the poorest of the poor, and Pete Spiliakos writing about the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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