This February Princeton is hosting the fourth annual Florovsky Symposium, “Creation and Creaturehood: The Doctrine of Creation in the Patristic Tradition.”

The purpose of this year’s symposium is to re-consider the various theological questions raised by the doctrine of creation ex nihilo in the Church Fathers (Greek, Latin, and Oriental), while simultaneously taking into account related controversies and developments in 20th century Christian theology. We will examine such issues as the God-world relationship, divine and human freedom, sophiology, contingency, nature and will, analogia entis, and the divine ideas or “volitional thoughts” concerning creation.

Featured speakers include Matthew Levering, Khaled Anatolios, Paul Gavrilyuk, Nikolaos Loudovikos, and more. You know you want to go. Register before January 24 to take advantage of the discounted “early bird” rate. Get on it, folks!

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