That’s the conclusion of The New Republic guys.  I’m sorry if my immediate thought is that makes the thinking of the MSM a lot like the ambitious U.S. Attorney and certain FBI agents portrayed in the award-winning movie American Hustle.

It goes without saying that I don’t know the truth about the Bridgegate thing.  Or about the Hurricane Sandy money.

I, for one, hope the governor of the Garden State can survive all this media investigation.  The general allegation is that he “gleefully” uses his excecutive power to punish his enemies. He’s a bully.  He’s not different enough from Tony Soprano.  Or not different enough, the TNR guys suggest, from the murderously corrupt guys we see in The Departed.

But, come on now, the governor isn’t anything like the notorious bosses of organized crime.  What would liberals say if we compared one of their guys to legendary sociopaths?

Now we really do have evidence that our president has used his power to punish our enemies.  Admittedly, he doesn’t seem as gleeful as Christie.

But here’s where I really disagree with TNR guys:  The general impression I have of Governor Christie is not thugginess.  He’s, most of the time, trying to be an energetic, competent executive who knows how to get stuff done for the people of his state.  He wouldn’t have to change his personality to be an effective presidential candidate.

Still, if he’s done something indictable, then he should be indicted.  But I, for one, will be sad at the waste of talent and even intention if he has.

For reasons described by the statesman Gates, I would prefer that the Republican presidential candidate next time not come from Congress.

It’s obvious that Christie’s enemies, who appreciate what a formidable contender he is, will use all means necessary to take him out.  Admittedly, the means they’re using so far are within the law.



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