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First Links — 1.15.16

BREAKING: Episcopal Church Suspended from Full Participation in Anglican Communion
Deacon Greg Kandra, Aleteia

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz
David Brooks, New York Times

There's Nothing Patriotic About William Blake's Jerusalem
Kate Maltby, Spectator

David Bowie: The Prettiest Star
Noah Millman, American Conservative

Alan Rickman: Even Better as a Romantic Lead
Megan Garber, Atlantic

Ellen RM Toner, Dappled Things

Making Poetry Matter
Micah Mattix, City Journal

Life at One of England’s Last Tolstoyan Communes
Kelsey Osgood, New Yorker

Application Information: Religious Freedom Project
Nicholas Fedyk, Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs

“Gender-Sensitive” Catholicism?

The following is a public statement from Dr. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg, Germany.On October 22nd, 2015, the German Bishops' Conference in a press release called attention to a gender flyer entitled “Geschlechtersensibel. Gender katholisch gelesen” [Gender Sensitive: A Catholic . . . . Continue Reading »

Third Biennial Law & Religion Colloquium

Here's an announcement about a workshop series that may interest some First Things readers.This spring, the Center for Law and Religion at St. John's will host its third biennial Colloquium in Law and Religion. The colloquium invites leading law and religion scholars to make presentations to a small . . . . Continue Reading »

The Right Side of History

One generation's progress may fall victim to the next generation's very different agenda. If there is a lesson to be taken from this, it is that history is not, after all, a singular progressive movement along some grand Hegelian trajectory. Continue Reading »

Speaking in Riddles

Riddle-making is a lost art—but not an irretrievable one. A. M. Juster's translation of Saint Aldhelm's Riddles has received praise from many outlets. Writing in the Chicago Tribune, John Wilson discusses the genesis of the work:Aldhelm was a prominent churchman in Anglo-Saxon England. Born . . . . Continue Reading »

The Play of Daniel

Earlier this month, I had a chance to see the Gotham Early Music Scene’s production of The Play of Daniel, a medieval Christmas pageant, performed as part of the annual Twelfth Night Festival at New York’s Trinity Church. The festival, which the church started several years ago, revives the idea . . . . Continue Reading »

The Need for Epiphanic Evangelicalism

The second challenge I see facing American churches today (I discuss the first one here) is how the Church engages postmodernism in American culture. By “postmodern” I do not simply mean the period succeeding modernity, however one wants to date that. Rather, I mean the subjectivist thrust of . . . . Continue Reading »

What We've Been Reading—12.8.16

There is something quaint about the little paperback on my desk, a 1964 printing from the Fawcett World Library—originally priced at 50 cents. In the bottom right corner is the announcement, “16 short stories by the most talked about young writer in America.”

First Links — 1.8.16

Who Came Down From the Stars? The Baby God, That's Who!
Roseanne T. Sullivan, Dappled Things

The Unhaunted Graveyard
Joseph Bottum, Washington Free Beacon

Who Speaks For Islam?
Editors, New Criterion

Did He Even Know He Was Shakespeare?
David Scott Kastan, Humanities

Are Small Families Better for Kids?
Simcha Fisher, Aleteia

Hamilton and the Romance of Government
Eve Tushnet, American Conservative

Advent, New Year's Eve, and the Long Defeat
Stephen Williams, Humane Pursuits

Oregon and the Injustice of Mandatory Minimums
Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic

Application Information: Religious Freedom Project
Nicholas Fedyk, Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs



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