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Dear First Things readers,

We have an active community of readers who comment on our web articles. In the spirit of transparency, we, the moderators, would like to share some of the guidelines that we enforce in the comment section.

Please limit your online comments to 500 words. We will delete any comment with a word count exceeding this maximum.

We will delete comments that threaten others by suggestions of violence, or that are otherwise hateful.

We will delete comments that do not advance the conversation and comments that are not related to the article.

We will delete comments that use profanity.

Any commenter who repeatedly violates these guidelines may be banned from commenting on the website.

We moderate the comment section to ensure conversations among commenters are as respectful as they are challenging and thought-provoking. With that in mind, please do not reiterate points stated by other commenters, do not repeat arguments, and do not offer opinions on the character or personal attributes of other commenters.

Please feel free to contact us at with any further questions. Happy commenting!

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