It’s the Parents Who Need Pacifying

“Remember that a baby that has a dummy [pacifier] is like a tiger that has tasted blood,” warned an English health pamphlet from of about 100 years ago. Perversions were thought likely to follow, explains Nicholas Day in an article titled (an editor’s dream)  Babies Suck . . . . . Continue Reading »

Suicide Attempt Thwarted By Freak Wave

The occasional signs and wonders can, well, do wonders to keep faith alive. In some cases, they actually keep you alive. An Australian newspaper reported just recently that a man who attempted suicide at a notorious cliff in Sydney was saved from death by a rogue wave which—by at least one . . . . Continue Reading »

New Dicastery on Re-Evangelization

CNA New s reports that Pope Benedict is expected to announce the creation of a new dicastery in the Curia. The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization will be dedicated to the re-evangelization of Western countries that have lost their Christian identity. Andrea Tornielli, the Vatican . . . . Continue Reading »

Spare the Rod or Spare Us Supernanny?

Ever since Mary Poppins flew in on her umbrella, Americans have believed in the magical powers of British nannies. Unruly, uncouth brats merely need to receive a stern rebuke in an English accent, whereupon they become docile, mannerly, lovely, and decent. Or at least that’s the myth, the . . . . Continue Reading »


“Future Pope’s Role in Abuse Case Was Complex,” read the headline this morning in the New York Times . Which is, I suppose, an improvement over what it could have been. The Catholic World News remarked on it under the hopeful headline , ” New York Times highlights Pope . . . . Continue Reading »