Papering Debt

” Could the U.S. become Argentina? ” asks the Washington Times , and Instapundit links to a similar discussion from the Washington Post in 2005. It’s a complicated question for economists to figure out, involving debt levels as percentage of GNP, but maybe there’s a simpler . . . . Continue Reading »

Jacob’s culinary legacy?

What would it be like to eat lentil soup made from lentils older than the ones Jacob used to trick Esau out of his birthright? According to Turkey’s Today’s Zaman, we may soon find out: 4,000-year-old lentils ready to be planted in . . . . Continue Reading »

A Call to Recollection

The National Gallery of Art is, until the end of May, home to more than twenty Spanish devotional pieces of art—many exhibited for the first time outside their permanent homes in churches and monasteries—as part of the exhibit The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture, . . . . Continue Reading »

So You’re a Pastor Without a Church?

As competition for pulpits increases there are fewer and fewer opportunities available for domestic ministry. Bible colleges and seminaries are cranking out trained pastors by the hundreds and thousands, but these men have no churches where they might serve. Those who do serve are often plagued by . . . . Continue Reading »

Building our vocabulary, part 2

The following definitions are not from Webster’s or the OED:LAX Security, prop. n., the guards at the Los Angeles Airport. Semicolonoscopy, n. an invasive exploration of the rules of punctuation. Thesaurus, n. the only creature to survive the mass extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years . . . . Continue Reading »

The Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Generation Gap

Anyone who attends the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. can’t help but see the plain fact that the pro-life movement is young, enthusiastic, and as varied in social makeup as any group that marches on Washington. Perhaps this is the reason the nation’s media perennially fail to . . . . Continue Reading »

South Park Takes on [Censored]

“South Park” is disgusting, blasphemous, and occasionally hilarious out of all bounds. In the past it has taken on the Catholic Church , the Jews , evangelicals , Mormons , Scientology , Christmas , and virtually every institution and value and public figure one might mention. It took an extra . . . . Continue Reading »