A Hundred Dollars Worth of Ugly

If you want to buy a piece of modern art, one that will always retain its price (if not its value), then the Treasury Department has just what you’re looking for: The new counterfeit-resistant $100 bill. In the late twentieth century the reinging paradigm of modern art was, as Tom Wolfe both . . . . Continue Reading »

Cashing in on Earth Day

Forty years on, Earth Day in New York City no longer brings a million people to Central Park or shuts down Fifth Avenue. But it might bring in millions for corporations looking to cash in on a public that wants to feel good about its relationship with the planet: Forty years later, the day has . . . . Continue Reading »

Earth Day Anti Humanism at the Movies

For last year’s Earth Day, NRO asked me to write a piece about Hollywood pitching anti humanism in the name of the environmentalist religion.  I thought it was worth revisiting.  “From Homo Sapiens, Get Lost:”When Aldous Huxley wrote his prophetic 1932 novel, Brave New . . . . Continue Reading »

The Greecey Skids

If you eliminate corruption in Greece, I said recently on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” you destroy the social fabric. Greek society is a scam funded by foreign creditors in which virtually all social strata participate. And now it’s coming to a crashing close.Goldman, . . . . Continue Reading »

Earth Day Hysteria

I find it interesting that supposed supporters of “science” are more upset with warming skeptics than hysterics.  The hysterics are the ones who act like Chicken Little—predicting increasingly catastrophic DOOM!!!! unless we act IMMEDIATELY!!! to SAVE THE PLANET!!!!  They . . . . Continue Reading »

As I Was Saying . . .

My my my my my. Everybody: My my my my …Here’s the thing: when it comes to discussing things Christian on the Web, there are certain key words or phrases that might as well be button-like icons that, when clicked on, guarantee a programmed response.Provocations include:Double . . . . Continue Reading »

Science and Religion: A Review Essay [6]

With the ongoing discussions about Bruce Waltke’s video at the BioLogos website and his subsequent resignation from RTS, as well as the long comment thread here at Evangel about events in Genesis, I thought I would post some thoughts about the relationship between science and religion that . . . . Continue Reading »