Spare the Rod or Spare Us Supernanny?

Ever since Mary Poppins flew in on her umbrella, Americans have believed in the magical powers of British nannies. Unruly, uncouth brats merely need to receive a stern rebuke in an English accent, whereupon they become docile, mannerly, lovely, and decent. Or at least that’s the myth, the . . . . Continue Reading »


“Future Pope’s Role in Abuse Case Was Complex,” read the headline this morning in the New York Times . Which is, I suppose, an improvement over what it could have been. The Catholic World News remarked on it under the hopeful headline , ” New York Times highlights Pope . . . . Continue Reading »

The Abortion Doula

From Slate today : Like a birth doula, the abortion doula uses deep breathing and visualization while talking the patient through the procedure. “We are there before, during and after the abortion,” says Mahoney. “We hang out with them in the pre-op waiting room, accompany them to . . . . Continue Reading »

Making adolescence obsolescent

Chuck Colson recently published two BreakPoint commentaries that have a bearing on secondary education: South Hadley Hellions: The Fruit of Sin and Savagery in South Hadley: Where Are the Adults? The event that prompted these commentaries was the tragic bullying and suicide of Phoebe Prince in a . . . . Continue Reading »

Quelle Horreur

According to a Montreal newspaper , “Distribution Percour Inc., owner of Boutique Séduction in Montreal North, has been ordered by a Quebec Court judge to pay $500 for selling an item called Sleeve Super Stretch whose packaging was in English only. Acting on a citizen’s complaint, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Human Pesticide

Time magazine is devoting an upcoming cover story to the fiftieth anniversary of the anniversary of “The Pill.” In reply, Albert Mohler reflects on the significance of the event—and how evangelicals failed to foresee the detrimental implications: Within a decade of the Pill’s . . . . Continue Reading »