The Permanent Scandal of the Vatican

In the latest issue of The Weekly Standard , Joseph Bottum has an essay on anti-Catholicism and the obsession over the scandals raging in Europe: The day the Antichrist is ripped from his papal throne, true religion will guide the world. Or perhaps it’s the day the last priest is gutted, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Mary Eberstadt on the Loser Letters

National Review Online interviews Mary Eberstad t about her new book, “New Atheism,” and the Facebook generation: LOPEZ: Does the Right not do enough of this type of writing? EBERSTADT: The Right doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the fact that the funniest writers are on the . . . . Continue Reading »

Solomon’s ‘wisdom’ and the law of God

Every time I read through the Bible I notice something I had not seen before. Last year I read again the historical books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. This time something struck me that I had not noticed in previous readings. At the beginning of I Kings 3 we read that “Solomon loved the . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Ad

Joe— The wind ad took me a while; it was a second or two after the ad ended before I got that he actually is the wind, and all the things he had done before were wind things. Clips of wonderful ads are a little less of a joy and surprise now that YouTube has made seeing them easy, but . . . . Continue Reading »

African Belief

The BBC supplies Ten Things We have Learnt About Africa , summarizing a Pew report on sub-Saharan African religious and moral beliefs, and their material well-being as well. Religious belief was unsurprisingly high — roughly 80% believing in God in some way — though that is not an unmixed . . . . Continue Reading »

The Soccer Partner and Mr. W

Jody : That Berlitz commercial is one my favorites too. Here are a couple of other foreign gems: The Soccer Partner Stick around until the end to understand this charming commercial. Mr. W This ad for Epuron GmbH, created by the Nordpol+Hamburg agency, won the Golden Lion for best advertising spot . . . . Continue Reading »

The Coming War in Southern Sudan?

“Until he reached the White House, Barack Obama repeatedly insisted that the United States apply more pressure on Sudan so as to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur and elsewhere. Yet, as president, Mr. Obama and his aides have caved, leaving Sudan gloating at American weakness,” . . . . Continue Reading »

Hubble Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

It is twenty years since the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was launched. Though plagued by cost overruns, and a ghastly blunder in manufacturing the main mirror that had to be corrected by a Space Shuttle mission in December 1993 (which, essentially, put corrective eyeglasses on the telescope), the . . . . Continue Reading »

Missing the Forest for the Trees

In 2007, the Vatican set out to become the first carbon neutral sovereign state in the world by reducing its CO2 emissions and planting a forest in Hungary to offset whatever CO2 it did emit over the course of a year. But to date, Catholic News Service reports the trees have not been planted and . . . . Continue Reading »