Marx on and off the porch…

1. Well, I’ve been stuck grading a huge number of papers by the overachieving Berry College students yesterday and today. We in the sticks don’t have graders, and our students actually seem to both have fun with and take very seriously their assignments. 2. So I’m just taking a . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Mice and Men (and Other Chimeras)

The French writer Vercors (Jean Bruller) begins his novel, You Shall Know Them , just after Douglas Templemore injects his infant son with strychnine chlorhydrate. Although anguished by the killing, the father had planned the act even before the child had been sired. It was his attempt to save the . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimps Bashing Trees Along the Spiritual Path

If we have souls, so do chimps , Jane Goodall claims in an article in The Spectator . Her evidence is thin: At Gombe, she also recorded the chimps performing what she calls a ‘rain dance’, whereby the creatures noisily run around bashing into the trees and each other in response to . . . . Continue Reading »

The Tree That Gave Too Much

Happy Arbor Day! In honor of Arbor day Time has a list of the top ten coolest “trees” of all time. How the Keebler elves’ tree ranked higher than Tolkien’s Treebeard is beyond me. Also among the top ten was Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, a tree that was the topic . . . . Continue Reading »