As I Was Saying . . .

My my my my my. Everybody: My my my my …Here’s the thing: when it comes to discussing things Christian on the Web, there are certain key words or phrases that might as well be button-like icons that, when clicked on, guarantee a programmed response.Provocations include:Double . . . . Continue Reading »

Science and Religion: A Review Essay [6]

With the ongoing discussions about Bruce Waltke’s video at the BioLogos website and his subsequent resignation from RTS, as well as the long comment thread here at Evangel about events in Genesis, I thought I would post some thoughts about the relationship between science and religion that . . . . Continue Reading »

Kicking Children

Prospective parents may be interested in the New Scientist series  ”Bumpology, ” the latest entry of which is  Active Fetus, Boisterous Child? Uh-Oh . The scientific findings “are inconsistent,” the writer reports, but I know that our first and third were calm . . . . Continue Reading »

A short bit about Hell

Before closing the last thread on bashing Calvinism, I noted this as one of the comments:If it is contended that people go to Hell because God elects them to Hell, then I absolutely believe that Calvinism is antithetical to Scripture because the Bible tells that God wants all to be saved, that Jesus . . . . Continue Reading »

Pascal’s Green Wager

Earlier this month, Paul Krugman took to the pages of the New York Times Sunday magazine to urge the building of a “Green Economy.” Along the way, he wrote this: Finally and most important is the matter of uncertainty. We’re uncertain about the magnitude of climate change, which is . . . . Continue Reading »