Solomon’s ‘wisdom’ and the law of God

Every time I read through the Bible I notice something I had not seen before. Last year I read again the historical books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. This time something struck me that I had not noticed in previous readings. At the beginning of I Kings 3 we read that “Solomon loved the . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Ad

Joe— The wind ad took me a while; it was a second or two after the ad ended before I got that he actually is the wind, and all the things he had done before were wind things. Clips of wonderful ads are a little less of a joy and surprise now that YouTube has made seeing them easy, but . . . . Continue Reading »

African Belief

The BBC supplies Ten Things We have Learnt About Africa , summarizing a Pew report on sub-Saharan African religious and moral beliefs, and their material well-being as well. Religious belief was unsurprisingly high — roughly 80% believing in God in some way — though that is not an unmixed . . . . Continue Reading »

The Soccer Partner and Mr. W

Jody : That Berlitz commercial is one my favorites too. Here are a couple of other foreign gems: The Soccer Partner Stick around until the end to understand this charming commercial. Mr. W This ad for Epuron GmbH, created by the Nordpol+Hamburg agency, won the Golden Lion for best advertising spot . . . . Continue Reading »

The Coming War in Southern Sudan?

“Until he reached the White House, Barack Obama repeatedly insisted that the United States apply more pressure on Sudan so as to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur and elsewhere. Yet, as president, Mr. Obama and his aides have caved, leaving Sudan gloating at American weakness,” . . . . Continue Reading »

Hubble Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

It is twenty years since the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was launched. Though plagued by cost overruns, and a ghastly blunder in manufacturing the main mirror that had to be corrected by a Space Shuttle mission in December 1993 (which, essentially, put corrective eyeglasses on the telescope), the . . . . Continue Reading »

Missing the Forest for the Trees

In 2007, the Vatican set out to become the first carbon neutral sovereign state in the world by reducing its CO2 emissions and planting a forest in Hungary to offset whatever CO2 it did emit over the course of a year. But to date, Catholic News Service reports the trees have not been planted and . . . . Continue Reading »

The SEC’s X-Rated Scandal

During one of the greatest financial crises in our nation’s history, senior staffers at the Securities and Exchange Commission spent their days looking at online pornography. No, seriously. They were looking at porn all day . According to a memo obtained by the AP , the SEC’s inspector . . . . Continue Reading »

Abandoned But Not Aborted

The Catholic News Agency reports that an Argentinian man, who was abandoned by his mother at birth, recently reunited with his mother through Facebook: Mauricio, 23, was abandoned by his mother at birth. In an effort to find her, he created a Facebook group called “I’m searching for my . . . . Continue Reading »