Overweight People Live Longer

I think we are so awash in “scientific studies”—many hyper-politicized or contradictory with other studies—that it seems to me that they offer little of value any more. For example, some researchers claim that calorie deprivation can extend lives. But a now verified study . . . . Continue Reading »

Judging My Bioethics Predictions for 2007

Last year the Center for Bioethics and Culture asked me to prognosticate about what would happen in the world of bioethics and biotechnology in 07. I did and now it is time to judge my future as an augur. I was right in 5 out of 8 predictions, to wit:1. The Bush policy on federal funding of ESCR . . . . Continue Reading »

I Shook Hands with Jesse Ramirez

I was speaking at a bioethics conference in Phoenix on Saturday. At lunch the sponsors asked me to come with them because somebody wanted to meet me. It was Jesse Ramirez and his sister and family! What a wonderful surprise. Here was a man that had been consigned to dehydrating to death and who . . . . Continue Reading »