Watson Out at Cold Spring Harbor

Cold Spring Harbor, the very name should bring chills. It was the home of the notorious Eugenics Record Office, operated for decades in the early 20th Century by the world’s most influential eugenicist Charles Davenport—one of the great villains in American history—through whose . . . . Continue Reading »

Fat Stem Cells Morphed Into Nerve Cells

Adult stem cell research just keeps rolling along. Now, scientists have morphed fat stem cells into nerve cells. From the story:Accident victims could one day have their severed nerves “rewired” with the help of stem cells extracted by liposuction. University of Manchester researchers . . . . Continue Reading »

James Watson in Hot Water for Racism

Nobel Laureate James Watson is an out-and-out eugenicist who has urged that genetic engineering be used, for example, to rid the world of stupid people, and said that “some anti-Semitism is justified.” None of his eugenicist comments put him in bad odor with the science crowd, but now he . . . . Continue Reading »