Elder Abuse and Neglect in UK Hospitals

The weak and vulnerable need the “conscience” protection provided by adherence to the sanctity/equality of life ethic. Without extra devotion to this vital principle, those least able to defend themselves can become victimized by behavior that flows from a belief that their lives and . . . . Continue Reading »

"Medical Ethics and the Holocaust"

The Holocaust Museum of Houston, Texas is presenting a terrific lecture series entitled “Medical Ethics and the Holocaust” over the fall and into the early winter. I am honored to be a participant. I will be debating the issue of assisted suicide against Compassion and Choice’s . . . . Continue Reading »

ESCR Not "Only Hope" for MS Patients

We’ve heard the mantra repeatedly: embryonic stem cells are the only hope (or the best hope) for curing this disease and that disease. But the evidence continues to grow that this just isn’t true.Today’s story deals with multiple sclerosis. I have previously reported here at SHS . . . . Continue Reading »

NYT Bias and Missouri Cloning

Well, it didn’t work out as the pro-cloners wanted. Missouri opponents of human cloning didn’t just roll over when Amendment 2 passed through one of the most deceptive campaigns I have ever seen, abetted by a totally biased and in the tank media. And, as I have written here previously, . . . . Continue Reading »