Desperate to Make Chimps Human

As I write my book about the animal rights movement, I have noticed a crescendo of advocacy, er, studies, that seek to make chimps seem more human, the point—sometimes explicitly stated—to destroy human exceptionalism.Along these lines is this “study” that claims chimps make . . . . Continue Reading »

Gene Manipulation Wins a Nobel Prize

One of the primary purposes behind ESCR and human cloning research, in my view, is to eventually genetically engineer human progeny. Such research is now in its very early stages. But I think this Nobel Prize is an indicator of where things are heading. From the story: The three scientists were . . . . Continue Reading »

Canada Sending Mothers to US to Give Birth

I used to support a single payer plan for national health insurance. Now, I am very dubious. Here’s one reason from Canada. From the story:A problem in Canada’s hospitals is sending scores of pregnant women south of the border to have their babies. Carri Ash of Chilliwack, B.C. was sent . . . . Continue Reading »