The ECONOMIST Misses the Obvious

The Economist, which I consider the best newsweekly in the world (and no bylines!), published an article apparently bemoaning the increased rate of suicide around the world. And yet, although the article ostensibly urges governments to try and prevent suicides, it actually seems to back the notion . . . . Continue Reading »

A Coming "Vaccine" Against Alzheimer’s?

I have decided to highlight stories like this because I have concluded that the bitter ethical controversies over ESCR and human cloning have distorted the true picture of what is happening in the exciting field of biotechnology. So much of the hopeful research that is moving into human trials is . . . . Continue Reading »

Vegetative State Often Misdiagnosed

This report confirms past research demonstrating that many people diagnosed as unconscious—aren’t, or at least, many who are unconscious eventually wake up.Around a quarter of patients in an acute vegetative state when they are first admitted to hospital have a good chance of recovering . . . . Continue Reading »

William Hurlbut: The Power of the Individual

Holy cow! My pal William B. Hurlbut is on the podium behind President Bush as he makes his stem cell speech in the East Room. What a moment for Bill! I knew he was meeting with the president, but I had no idea it would result in such a public and high profile presidential pat on the back. I am so . . . . Continue Reading »