Where Utilitarian Bioethics Leads

The NHS in the UK uses a committee of bioethicists and others to advise it about ethical policies, known as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, a.k.a., NICE. Well NICE isn’t. In my view, it is dominated by utilitarian ideology that denies the intrinsic value of human . . . . Continue Reading »

Futile Care Theory State Honor Roll

My sources tell me that the following states require life-sustaining treatment to continue pending transfer if a hospital determines that the desired treatment is “futile” or “inappropriate,” or “non-beneficial: Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, . . . . Continue Reading »

Soma May be Closer Than You Think

Aldous Huxley was one powerful prophet. Back in 1932, in Brave New World, he warned us that in the future, rather than experience true emotions, humanity would instead opt for the feel good drug soma. (“Was and will make me ill, I take one gram and only am.”) Imagine: No more grief; no . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimp Denied Legal Guardian

Thank goodness. An Austrian judge refused to appoint a guardian for a chimpanzee in a court case. From the story in Nature Network:An Austrian judge turned down a request this week to appoint a woman as legal guardian of a chimpanzee. The decision is a blow to a growing movement in Europe attempting . . . . Continue Reading »