"In Defense of Human Exceptionalism"

I have a piece up today over at First Things about the latest attack on human exceptionalism—animal ensoulment—published, no less, in the science pages of the New York Times. I review some of the areas in which human exceptionalism is under assault and describe the NYT story. Here are a . . . . Continue Reading »

NEJM Commentary Against Futile Care Theory

What a pleasant surprise: An opinion column in the New England Journal of Medicine opposes medical futility. Written by Harvard Medical School professor Robert D. Troug, M.D., it makes some very good points about the problem with even the best-intended futile care policies. Reacting to the Baby . . . . Continue Reading »

Embryonic Stem Cell Patent (Money) Fight

Patents. You don’t hear too much about the issue in the ESCR debate, but patent some-would-say obstructionism, at least as much as those purportedly caused by President Bush’s funding policy, have allegedly impeded ESCR.Now, it appears that the iron grip of the Wisconsin Alumni Research . . . . Continue Reading »

Humans’ "Greedy" Use of Solar Energy

Humans are now being denigrated as “greedy” for taking the “lion’s share” of solar energy by converting more than our fair share of plant life to our own use. From the story:HUMANS are just one of the millions of species on Earth, but we use up almost a quarter of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Modern Day Slavery: Slaves Among Us

Patrick Bell, a graduate student at Seattle University and a valued staffer at the dreaded Discovery Institute, won third prize in the MPA/MPP You Tube “Change the World in One Minute” Public Policy Challenge. You see, the DI and people associated with it, care a great deal about . . . . Continue Reading »

The Joy of Blogging

One of the things that is most interesting about producing Secondhand Smoke is seeing which posts generate the most comments. Today, I posted an entry about the television program The 4400, that I thought would generate considerable interest. (I don’t measure the interest of people in any post . . . . Continue Reading »