More Bad Science Reporting on Cloning

I grow weary: Science journalists should report science matters accurately, without spin and the usual hype seen in the ESCR/human cloning debates. Alas, we don’t see much of that in this report, byline Dave Mosher of LiveScience. The story is about Ian Wilmut, the veterinarian who supervised . . . . Continue Reading »

Data Stored in Living Cells

According to this report, scientists have stored data in living neurons for the first time, opening the potentiality for “cyborg computer chips.” From the story:Many believe that complex patterns of neuronal firing are templates for memory, which the brain uses when storing information. . . . . Continue Reading »

Stem Cell Radio

This is an interesting radio interview (NPR: Diane Rehm) about the current stem cell controversies. It is worth a listen. The guests areRick Weiss, science reporter for “The Washington Post” Dr. John Gearhart, professor of medicine and director of the stem cell program at Johns Hopkins . . . . Continue Reading »

Columnist Meets the "Real" Jack Kevorkian

Mitch Albom, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press interviewed Kevorkian face-to-face, and apparently was taken aback by what he experienced. After a little time with Kevorkian, Albom writes, “I couldn’t imagine a suffering so bad that I would want Kevorkian to be the last person . . . . Continue Reading »

Nancy Pelosi’s "Amen Moment"

Senator John Edwards was justly ridiculed when he stated in 2004 that people in wheelchairs would be able to walk if John Kerry were elected, because he would alter President Bush’s embryonic stem cell funding policy. This bit of outrageous hype was quickly labeled Edwards’ “amen . . . . Continue Reading »