Hiatus Time

I have a speaking gig in Warsaw on Saturday, so Secondhand Smokette and I are taking the opportunity to see some of Eastern Europe. I have decided not to lug the old laptop around, and so chances are I will not post anything until around the 21st. However, one never knows. The last time I left the . . . . Continue Reading »

We Keep Growing

SHS just had one of its all time best weeks. More than 5000 people from all around the world came by to “set a spell.” I am very gratified and will continue to strive to make the sight interesting and find stories for us to ponder that affect the human future. Thanks to . . . . Continue Reading »

Future Squinter? No Right to be Born

Well, we have fallen along way off the moral cliff in a very short time; from tossing away embryos with genetic defects for serious illness in infancy, to tossing them away because they are the wrong sex, to destroying those with a genetic propensity to adult onset cancer. And now, with the . . . . Continue Reading »