Organ Hysteria

I think that the hue and cry against non heart beating cadaver donor protocols—what I have called “heart death”— is misguided. And it reflects a misconception about the concept of “brain death,” a popular term for death by neurological criteria—which does . . . . Continue Reading »

HMO Docs Support Assisted Suicide

This is one medical endorsement that I welcome for assisted suicide because it reflects an important truth about the whole movement: It is about money and “treating” the most expensive patients with a lethal overdose. Talk about cost containment!Lest you doubt it, the California . . . . Continue Reading »

More Feinstein/Hatch Deception in S. 812

I have read the bill several times now. Funny thing: Even though the title of the bill is “The Human Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Protection Act of 2007,” the bill never even mentions stem cell research except in the title. The bill legalizes human cloning and paying women to procure eggs . . . . Continue Reading »

New Brave New Bioethics Podcast

In this edition of Brave New Bioethics, I examine the abdication of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, which has switched its position on legalizing assisted suicide to “studied neutrality.” I explain how and why this abandons dying patients and abdicates its . . . . Continue Reading »