New Brave New Bioethics Podcast

In this edition of Brave New Bioethics, I examine the abdication of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, which has switched its position on legalizing assisted suicide to “studied neutrality.” I explain how and why this abandons dying patients and abdicates its . . . . Continue Reading »

Undermining Hospice

Euthanasia is antithetical to the philosophy of hospice care, which honors the intrinsic equal dignity of all people and promises to care for people to the end of their natural lives. One method by which this philosophy is carried out is suicide prevention. If a hospice patient becomes suicidal, the . . . . Continue Reading »

Reprieve for Baby Emilio

Ah, the power of good lawyers and public scrutiny. After going to court, attorney Jerri Ward, attorney for Baby Emilio’s mother, just informed me that the Children’s Hospital of Austin has agreed not to remove life support until April 10. And good for the people at the hospital for being . . . . Continue Reading »

Kill the Polar Bear Cub!

I have long believed that many animal liberationists don’t love animals. They just hate people. Evidence of this is to be found in this story about a polar bear cub that was saved from dying in the wild and brought to the Berlin Zoo. Rather than have the cub live in captivity, liberationists . . . . Continue Reading »

Steyn on Wilberforce

Mark Steyn does not generally write about matters of concern here at Secondhand Smoke, but today he focused on the legacy of William Wilberforce, the great British abolitionist. I truly believe in the power of committed individuals to improve the human condition. Wilberforce proved the point. . . . . Continue Reading »