Talking Horse Sense About Adult Stem Cells

Bone marrow stem cells have apparently been helping to repair injuries in horses for some time. They are about to be tried in humans now. From the Reuters story in the Washington Post (good for it):Stem cell therapy may be controversial in human medicine but in the world of horse racing it is . . . . Continue Reading »

Assisted Suicides: "The Three Cs"

Assisted suicide advocates like to use that sound bite of all sound bites: “Choice.” But there are three other “C-words” I like to focus on too: Context, consequences, and compassion—in the true root meaning of that wonderful word, which means to “suffer . . . . Continue Reading »

Wife Swapping—Kidneys That Is

Two men needed kidneys. Their respective wives matched the other. Deal struck: Wife one gives a kidney to husband two, and wife two gives a kidney to husband one. We’ve discussed this kind of organ bartering before. I just hope that all four do . . . . Continue Reading »