"Christian" Eugenics

Dr. Albert Mohler, a national Christian leader, advocated in his blog a few weeks ago for what can only be described as the eugenic manipulation of fetuses—if and when it becomes possible—to prevent the babies from being homosexual. The blog entry is only now being reported in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Misplaced Suicide Priorities

Apparently there has been a backlash against advertising with “suicide” themes. From the Seattle Post Intelligencer story: Washington Mutual has stopped running a spot that showed actors playing bankers poised atop a building as if about to jump. These ads are clearly not pro-suicide, . . . . Continue Reading »

More Media Stem Cell Ignorance on Display

The Star Ledger (“the voice of New Jersey”) has an ESCR story out, byline Kitta MacPherson, which is, as usual, biased in the direction of promoting ESCR. A study has been published in Nature reporting that human embryonic stem cells in mice effectively treated Sandhoff disease, a malady . . . . Continue Reading »