More Media Stem Cell Ignorance on Display

The Star Ledger (“the voice of New Jersey”) has an ESCR story out, byline Kitta MacPherson, which is, as usual, biased in the direction of promoting ESCR. A study has been published in Nature reporting that human embryonic stem cells in mice effectively treated Sandhoff disease, a malady . . . . Continue Reading »

"Death by Indifference"

This story is a warning: Six developmentally disabled people have died in the UK, apparently, due to medical neglect, according to “Death by Indifference,” a report published by MENCAP, a Mental Disability Charity. From the Telegraph story: Dr Roger Banks, the vice-president of the Royal . . . . Continue Reading »

Science is Not Science When it is Politics

I am growing increasingly concerned about suppression of heterodox views in science. This story in the Telegraph, I think, demonstrates the point. It is about the stifling of scientists who are skeptical about the conventional view about the existence of global warming and its causes. I don’t . . . . Continue Reading »

Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough

In mice, Israeli scientists have apparently created a “miniature heart” using embryonic stem cells. If the story is right, the stem cells were morphed into the building blocks of heart cells, after which the scientists “found a way of persuading the different types of cell which . . . . Continue Reading »