PETA to Al Gore: Go Veggie

You have to hand it to PETA: It doesn’t miss any chance to promote the animal rights agenda. It is now warning Al Gore that he will be considered a hypocrite if he doesn’t stop eating meat because of the purported contribution cow flatulence and other animal wastes purportedly make to . . . . Continue Reading »

Dean Koontz’s Focus on the Problem of Evil

I was honored to be interviewed about my friend Dean Koontz for an article about him in the National Catholic Register. As the article notes, he and I became close after he boosted Culture of Death in his novel One Door Away from Heaven, resulting in at least as many sales for COD as resulted from . . . . Continue Reading »

Heather MacAllister’s Partner Lashes Out

Please pardon this long post, but there is no way to abridge the discussion and to justice do the important and deeply emotional matters that are considered.Last month, I came across a story in the San Francisco Chronicle that made me think that the assisted suicide death of a woman named Heather . . . . Continue Reading »

When Killing Yourself Isn’t Suicide

Rita Marker, the head of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, and I have a piece in today’s NRO about how euthanasia proponents engage in post modernistic abuse of lnaguage to further their ideological agenda. (Human cloning advocates use the same disengenuous . . . . Continue Reading »

For UK Human Cloners It’s Never Enough

The UK may have the most radical public policy when it comes to cloning and biotechnology in the world. Want to buy eggs for cloning? Go right ahead. Make cloned human/animal hybrid clones? Be our guest. In fact, I have decided that the guiding slogan of the regulators in Brave New Britain is, . . . . Continue Reading »

A Case of Infanticide Normalization?

As readers of Secondhand Smoke know, I have been warning for some time that infanticide is in the process of being normalized in the USA and around the world. It is in this context that I found a judge’s decision to dismiss a murder charge so potentially disturbing. Apparently a woman gave . . . . Continue Reading »

Off for the Weekend: Open Thread

Secondhand Smokette and I are driving to LA for the weekend to visit Secondhand Mom. Chances are there will be no posts until Sunday. In the meanwhile, if there are relevant issues that anyone would like to address here, please feel free to open a thread and discuss amongst yourselves. I might chime . . . . Continue Reading »