More on "Non Controversial" Biotech

Given the heat and extent of the public debate, it is tempting to view cloning and stem cell research as the be all and end all of biotechnology. But so much is happening that is not deeply ethically contentious. (Yes, Yes: Scientists could find a cure for cancer and a few would complain that . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimps More Evolved Than Humans?

It is a continuing source of astonishment and concern to me that so many “scientists” so fervently wish to knock human beings off of the pedestal of exceptionalism, and transform us into merely another animal in the forest, just one of the fauna, if you will. I bring this up because of . . . . Continue Reading »

Trouble in Prop. 71-Land

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is again having trouble. It’s president and chief scientific officer, Zach Hall, has resigned for health reasons, while at the same time, its head consultant on funding construction projects has also quit. Beyond these personnel issues, there . . . . Continue Reading »

Euthanasia as Source of Organs?

There is a proposal in Russia to permit euthanasia. One opponent. a doctor and member of the Duma, warns that legalizing euthanasia would be a way of “seizing organs:” From the story:If a law allowing euthanasia appears in Russia, the risk of criminal seizure of human organs sharply . . . . Continue Reading »