Testing Time: Are Democrats Pro Science?

We hear a lot of sturm and drang that President Bush is “anti-science” because of his opposition to human cloning and full federal funding of destroying embryos for ESCR. But these positions don’t make the President anti-science: That dispute is about ethics. People can agree or . . . . Continue Reading »

Joplin Globe: Incompetence in Editorializing

It stuns me sometimes how utterly ignorant media can be about human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Not only does ignorance drive bad public policies, but it can be harmful. The Joplin Globe committed both journalistic sins in this ludicrously bad Joplin Globe editorial about attempts to . . . . Continue Reading »

The Power of One Gene

Scientists are reporting that the wide size variety in dogs is caused by variations in but one gene. From the story in the Telegraph: Ranging from toy to giant, dogs have the biggest size variation of any mammal and the team of US and British experts believe it is due to variations in one gene.After . . . . Continue Reading »

Stem Cell Products About to Hit the Market

Of course they are adult stem cell derived. From the CNN story:Cytori (down $0.02 to $5.62, Charts) is planning to launch its first stem cell medical device in Europe this year, said Eric Daniels, senior director of business development for the company, with a market debut planned for Spain and . . . . Continue Reading »

Proper Pain Control Does Not Hasten Death

One of the most insidious and selfish arguments of assisted suicide advocates is that pain control hastens death so that it is no different than assisted suicide. This can keep patients from accepting aggressive pain control and doctors reluctant to prescribe it. Pain control experts, such as my . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimp Habeas Corpus Redux

My post yesterday about the lawsuit in Austria to grant a chimp the rights of personhood, linked to this post from 2005 about a chimp being issued a writ of habeas corpus in Brazil. That old post was, in turn, linked on science.slashdot.org, resulting in thousands of visitors to SHS, and many . . . . Continue Reading »