"Choice" Gone Mad: Amputee Wannabes

We are witnessing the beginning of the public normalization of the profound mental illness known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID)—also known as “amputee wannabe” because its sufferers become obsessed with losing one or more limbs. This column published in The Guardian is . . . . Continue Reading »

David Prentice Rebuts Hit Piece in SCIENCE

Science did a very nasty and, in my view, politically motivated thing before the election: It printed a hit piece by William Neaves and others against David Prentice, essentially accusing him of lying to the public, without giving him a chance to respond. Finally, half a year later, they deigned to . . . . Continue Reading »

Pennyslvania Promotes Advance Directives

PA has a big push ongoing to promote advance health directives and, as part of that effort, has passed a law that creates a commission to determine who decides such matters for residents without their own directive. (I will keep a close eye on that.) Toward educating the public, the Pennsylvania . . . . Continue Reading »

"Anarchy in Cyberspace"

Now, here’s a story of how and why transhumanism isn’t going to cure what ails the human condition: Second Life, which I had not even heard of until a correspondent wrote asking to interview me about it a short time ago, allows players to lead virtual lives. Say, you are a lawyer and . . . . Continue Reading »