Hawaii Assisted Suicide Bill in Big Trouble

This is great news: The bill to legalize assisted suicide in Hawaii is apparently close to failing. What makes this so impressive is that a few years ago it came within two or three votes of passing the legislature and going on to the former governor who wanted his legacy to be assisted suicide . . . . Continue Reading »

Fumento on Amniotic Stem Cells

Michael Fumento lays out the facts about amniotic fluid stem cells in this Daily Standard piece. Fumento is a science writer and he explains the scientific significance of the breakthrough in a succinct and informative manner. For those interested in such arcania, it’s worth a read.Fumento . . . . Continue Reading »

The Rise of Infanticide Consciousness

I have been warning that infanticide is being normalized among the intelligentsia and in medicine. This story from Australia is more evidence that this is true. Apparently one-third of Aussie doctors would kill babies born with severe disabilities. And here’s an interesting twist that . . . . Continue Reading »

Shirley’s Big Mistake

James Shirley, the MIT stem cell professor who opposes human cloning and ESCR because it destroys nascent human life, a “controversial theory according to this Fox News report,” (but basic biology, says I), is on a hunger strike to protest being denied tenure. He is claiming racism. I . . . . Continue Reading »


The Washington Post is on to me with an article “The Bogus Science of Secondhand Smoke.” Well, it was fun while it lasted. Oh, wait: Not my Secondhand Smoke. Secondhand smoke, secondhand smoke. Never . . . . Continue Reading »